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Belleview Christian Academy Faculty and Staff

Belleview Christian Academy is proud to have the amazing Faculty and Staff that God has blessed us with. Please scroll through the pictures to learn a little bit more about the people investing their time into the life of your student.

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1309 BCA-1986.jpg

Mike LaCrone


1298 BCA-1038_pp.jpg.jpg

Stan Hannon

Senior Pastor

1298 BCA-1848.jpg.jpg

Richard Childs

Associate Pastor

1309 BCA-1990_pp.jpg

Stephanie Thompson

Administrative Assistant

1309 BCA-1040_pp.jpg

Bryanna MacDonald


1309 BCA-1982_pp.jpg

Kristen Adams


1230 BCA Img#-1156.jpg

Chelsea Crespo

Pre-School 3

1309 BCA-2146_pp.jpg

Tara Erickson

Pre-School 4

1309 BCA-2512_pp.jpg

Marissa Weaving


1309 BCA-2769_pp.jpg

Isabel Simmons

First Grade

1309 BCA-1236_pp.jpg

Kathi Niles

Second Grade

1309 BCA-1243_pp.jpg

Cindy Humphrey

Third Grade

1309 BCA-2993_pp.jpg

Terrie Hudson

Fourth Grade

1309 BCA-1973.jpg

Darin Hill

Fifth Grade

1309 BCA-1737.jpg

Lee Coulson

 6th Grade Homeroom

1298 BCA-2712_pp.jpg.jpg

Al Perry

7th Grade Homeroom

1309 BCA-3008.jpg

Michael LaCrone

8th Grade Homeroom

1230 BCA Img #-1782.jpg

Nathan Hime


Students Taking Note

Charlie Wingo

Physical Education

1309 BCA-3200_pp.jpg

Keyuner Lowe

Art/In-House Sub

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